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When it comes to working with glue-laminated timber, there are many different sizes available for use.

We accordingly offer a broad range of options for sizing, giving you access to the resources you need for your construction. As custom laminators, we can deviate from these sizes, albeit for an additional cost. Click here to see our standard size chart.

1. AITC publishes different widths and depths based on differing gluing requirements for Douglas Fir (and other west coast species) vs. Southern Pine. Our Southern Pine industry is required to glue its members within 48 hours of the time the lumber is laminated. Since most lumber is purchased and stored beyond this 48-hour window, resurfacing is required prior to gluing . Most Southern Yellow Pine manufacturers plane the lamstock to a uniform 1 ⅜” lamination thickness. West coast laminators are not required to surface their lamstock therefore their lamination thickness is 1 ½”.

2. Widths vary for a number of reasons, and AITC allows for multiple standard widths. Commodity beams glued in a RF press would typically be furnished in a 5 ⅜” width, where custom manufactured beams would be surfaced to a 5” width.

3. Some laminators promote a “super wide” or extra-large beam that may be 3 ½”, 5 ½”, or 7” in width. These members are typically furnished in AITC framing grade. For appearance-grade members, we suggest that the specifier select a 3”, 5”, 6 ⅝”, 8 ½”, or 10 ½” wide member. All certified manufacturers can meet or exceed these widths.